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web sites for sale We consider ALL reasonable offers...if you're waiting for the prices to drop...don't, they won't get any lower than they are now!!  And, someone (possibly on the other side of the world) will buy the name you need - then it's gone forever!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           domains for sale  

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Purchasing a domain name may well be
...the most important decision you will ever make!!

Prices of a few names previously sold are: $3,350,000 $1,100,000  $   823,000  $1,000,000  $1,030,000  $3,000,000  $   835,000  $   700,000  $2,200,000  $1,000,000  $3,300,000  $5,000,000  $   475,000  $   975,000  $   530,000  $   500,000  $   460,000  $   190,000  $   120,000  $   119,000  $   198,895  $7,500,000 
Quality domain names have become almost impossible to find - prices will continue to escalate dramatically in the future.

UPDATE:  Don't settle for one of the less valuable tld names (ie: .info, .biz, .ca, etc...) when you can have a quality ".com, .net, or .us" domain name that will INCREASE IN VALUE. Don't sit back waiting for the prices to drop - they won't drop any lower than they are right now!!    You would be very wise to buy a quality name now while you still can...while the name you need is still available.

[Some of the selling-prices above were found on the internet...we do not guarantee their accuracy.]
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