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All offers on a domain name(s) can be made by filling out and submitting the "Domain Name Offer Form" which can be found by clicking on the "MAKE AN OFFER" button/link located on the left side of the webpage. All reasonable offers will be forwarded to the owner of the domain name. Information submitted will be checked for verification. If the information cannot be verified, an offer does not have to be forwarded or accepted. Verification of information does not guarantee acceptance of an offer. Until payment-in-full have been received, owners reserve the right to notify (at any time) other individuals, companies, or organizations that an offer has been made on a domain name(s). If another buyer submits a higher offer prior to the owner's receipt of your payment-in-full, it is the owner's responsibility to notify you and your offer may be considered as a backup offer. Owners should not consider offers from other bidders once an offer has been accepted and after certified payment-in-full has been received. The domain name shall (unless other arrangements have been made) continue to be advertised until payment-in-full has been received.

Names with an asking price of "MAKE AN OFFER":
Your offer will be forwarded to the owner. It is the owner's responsiblity to notify you that your offer has been accepted, to notify you that your offer has been declined, or to provide you with a counter-offer.

AFTER you have been notified your offer is accepted and payment-in-full is due:
The owner should (unless other arranges are made for the transfer) FAX a Domain Transfer Agreement to you. Read the agreement, sign the agreement, and FAX it back. The owner does not have to transfer ownership of the domain name until payment-in-full has been received.

Payment-in-full usually includes payment by cash, check, certified cashier's check, or U.S. money order (international money order if buyer is located outside of the United States) for the domain name(s), registrar registration fee (minimum of one year), registrar transfer fees (if applicable), and title company and/or attorney fees (if applicable). If payment is by check, a domain name will normally not be transferred until after the check clears. After you receive notification that your offer has been accepted and that payment-in-full is due, you should submit payment-in-full within 72 hours.

When you purchase a domain name, the price you pay for the domain name does not include the administrative fee charged by the registrar to register the new ownership to you. The cost of the registration fee is normally $10-$35/year - depending on which registrar you register with.

The transfer fee is the fee for moving the domain name from the registrar in which it is currently located, to the registrar of your choice.

Other Information:
We no longer provide an auction page on our website.

We reserve the right to change these policies, without giving prior notice, at any time prior to receipt of payment-in-full for the domain name, registration fee, and transfer fee (if this fee applies).

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